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Union County, NJ Public Records

Union County public records encompass various types of information, such as property, vital, court, and arrest records. According to the Open Public Records Act (OPRA), these records are available to the general public. The Superior Court Clerk's office in Union County is responsible for maintaining and sharing divorce records granted by the Union County Superior Court. Those interested in obtaining copies of divorce decrees or certificates can do so by visiting the county courthouse or sending a request via mail. The New Jersey Office of Vital Statistics and Registry handles requests for vital records, including marriage, birth, and death certificates. To access these records, the requestor must demonstrate tangible interest and provide proof of their relationship to the person(s) named on the record. Additionally, acceptable forms of identification and a payment of $25 per record requested must be provided. Union County property records are publicly accessible under New Jersey Open Public Record Act (OPRA). Requesters can access these records by contacting the Union County Clerk's Office.

Courts in Union County

Court Records in Union County, New Jersey

The Superior Court Clerk's office keeps and issues Union County court records. Individuals interested in obtaining copies of non-confidential court records can request them from the Clerk. However, to obtain a record, the requester must provide specific information about the record of interest, including the names of the plaintiff, litigant, and defendant, the date the case was filed, the case number for that specific file, and other relevant information that may assist in locating the record. Requestors can access information about sex offenders residing in Union County by searching the New Jersey Sex Offender Internet Registry.

Court Name:
981 Caldwell Avenue
Union City
325 Watchung Avenue
301 North Wood Avenue
425 East Broad Street
1 City Hall Plaza
430 Park Avenue
Scotch Plains
8 Springfield Avenue
210 Chestnut Street
315 Westfield Ave
110 East Westfield Avenue
Roselle Park
360 Elkwood Avenue
New Providence
360 Elkwood Avenue
Berkeley Heights
2 Broad St.

Jails and Prisons in Union County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Union County, New Jersey

The Union County Sheriff's Office Division of Corrections manages the county’s inmate records and offers an online tool on its website. The search results will yield the inmate's criminal charges, bond amount, visitation schedule, mugshot, offenses, and sentence. However, the Sheriff's Office Division of Corrections and other law enforcement agencies may exercise discretion to exclude certain offenders from appearing on the website. Alternatively, requesters can search for an inmate through the union county jails search page. Inmates at Union County Jail are permitted one visit per week, with a limit of three individuals per visit. Each visit lasts for 30 minutes. Union County has 8 Jails & Prisons for a population of 557,320 people living in 103 square miles. Among the 21 counties in New Jersey, Union County is ranked 10th in terms of Jails & Prisons per capita.

Jails and Prisons Name:
1100 Woodbridge Rd
15 Elizabethtown Plaza

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Union County

Arrest Records in Union County, New Jersey

Union County Arrest records are generally public information and can be accessed through various sources, including the Union County Sheriff's Office. The records are made available to requesters at a small fee. These records contain information such as the arrestee’s name, the arrest's date and location, and the charges filed against them. Some records can be expunged upon request by individuals who have been arrested. Only law enforcement can access such records under specific circumstances. Union County has 26 Police Departments and a crime rate of 18.44 per 1,000 residents.

Police Departments Name:
10 Elizabethtown Plaza

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