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Gloucester County, NJ Public Records

Public records in Gloucester County, New Jersey, are available for inspection and copying, subject to legal restrictions or confidentiality. Vital records, including birth, death, marriage, and divorce details, are only public to eligible requesters. The individuals named on the certificates are parents, legal representatives, and spouses. Record seekers may submit required identifications and the correct fees to the Gloucester County Clerk's Office for access. The public may also access property records at the Gloucester County Clerk's Office. Additionally, traffic violations and judgments may be found at the Municipal Courts. Licensing records are available from the county clerk's office as well.

Courts in Gloucester County

Court Records in Gloucester County, New Jersey

Gloucester County court records are available to the public except for those restricted due to confidential information. Typically, these records are managed by the Gloucester County Clerk at the county court. Record seekers may then contact the office in person or via mail to get copies of the records. There is also a fee for record copies, as the clerk charges $0.50 a page and a $5 certification fee. Alternatively, eligible requesters like attorneys and the parties to the case may register to obtain portal access. The types of court records that people would typically look up are probate court, criminal records, bankruptcy filings, liens, driving violations, and similar records. Gloucester County Court System is divided into Superior Court, Municipal Court, and Surrogate's Court.

Court Name:
1 South Main Street
318 Harrison Avenue
120 Village Green Drive
1 North Broad St.

Jails and Prisons in Gloucester County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Gloucester County, New Jersey

Gloucester County inmate records are regarded as public information. These are stored by the Gloucester County Department of Corrections, which maintains a database. Individuals interested in getting inmate information may use the Gloucester County inmate locator. Gloucester County has 2 jails and prisons, ranking 19th out of 21 in jails per capita in New Jersey. There is one jail and prison per 145,686 people and one jail and prison per 160 square miles. The inmate records include details of the arrest and conviction, sentencing details, and parole and probation details. Sentencing records may also be available from the Superior Court.

Jails and Prisons Name:
2 South Broad Street, PO Box 337

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Gloucester County

Arrest Records in Gloucester County, New Jersey

Gloucester County arrest records are available for public viewing and inspection. These records include the arrestee's details, mugshots, details of the detainment, and the arresting officer. The arresting agencies and officers maintain these. Record seekers may then gain access to arrest records by contacting the relevant police department or issuing a request via mail. Some arrest records contain sensitive information on ongoing criminal investigations or regarding minors and domestic disputes. In acute cases, relevant parties, legal representatives, correctional facilities, and law enforcement personnel may only access the arrest records. Gloucester County has 19 police departments and one sheriff's office. Gloucester County covers an area of 322 square miles, has a population of 291,372 people, and has 24 police departments. There is one police department for every 12,140 residents and one for every 13 square miles. Gloucester County's crime rate is 17.29 per 1,000 residents during a standard year.

Police Departments Name:

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